Saudi Masterbaker Ltd. (Ibake)
Our oldest and first company and still our largest by sales, profit and EBITDA by far. It sells products under the Switz, Garameesh, Nahoul, Bint Al Balad and Sabahoo brands.
As its name suggest it's HQ in Dammam Saudi Arabia and has 6 main industrial bakery production plants, 5 in Saudi and 1 in Oman. It is the market leader in bread Rusks and a close second in cakes. It has given authentic modern production samosa wrappers to the world and is its largest producer. It pioneered single serve snacks in the region.
It exports products to a number of countries and is open to 3rd party brands for both production and distribution.
It has dedicated distribution in all six GCC countries and its own transport fleet of temperature controlled 50' trailers and hundreds of last mile 1-4 ton vehicles. It's state of art sales automation system alongside JD Edwards ERP system enables increasingly effective control operations in this tight margin, challenging to execute integrated business competing with world class giants like Al Marai.

It's lead by Tariq Aziz in Saudi and VVN Rao in UAE and Oman.


Tariq Aziz (CEO)