Mio Amore

Mio Amore is the flagship brand of the Retail Bakery. Craft Bakery and Confectionery products under this Brand are currently available in the States of West Bengal and Odisha.
Mio Amore Cake Shops are a ubiquitous feature of the Metro city of Kolkata where the target market segment of the brand is the middle income group. There are 155 exclusive Cake Shops in the city and suburbs and the Brand command a 50% market share. In the state of Odisha, there are 30 exclusive Mio Amore Cake Shops with approximately 30% share of the market. In Siliguri of West Bengal there are 18 exclusive Mio Amore Cake Shops where too we command a 30% market share.
Mio Amore is a clear market leader in the middle income group. However, the unique brand appeal of Mio Amore transcends the focus group and straddles the upper middle classes and has also made inroads into the affluent classes. The future of the brand appears to be very bright.

Address:P 36&41 Kasba Industrial Estate , Phase I , Eastern Metropolitan Bypass , Kolkata 700107 , West Bengal . India.
Contact person: Mr.Mohan Maitra (General Manager)