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Egg is one of the four basic bakery components in Cakes (large product of our industrial and retail bakeries). SwitzGroup has gone backwards in this value chain to understand and profit from this vital ingredient. We are into egg processing (EGG STATION) in some countries, mainly the GCC.

Eggs are also a high risk item in any food production establishment. The handling becomes critical in places like restaurants and hotels where dirty shells contamination may cause food poisoning. In flight kitchens, it takes on a critical dimension due to the unacceptability of even the slightest risk to passengers and crew on flights. An egg processing facility pasteurises shell eggs into liquid (similar to milk but far more delicate as egg proteins coagulate with heat) and removes these critical risks from eggs. It also separates the yolk from the albumen and recombines it in different proportion with or without additives, giving chefs convenience and sharper menu options.

This facility buys shell eggs from pre audited farms and through an automated process removes all pathogenic and 99% of all other microbiological contaminants thus rendering this product completely safe.

We also trade in eggs and egg products to provide a more comprehensive solution.

Deendayal Reddy,
CEO, Egg station (since inception)

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Mr. Deendayal Reddy (CEO)